5 Tips to Improve Hitting

For baseball players, hitting can be everything. To survive in pro ball and the Major Leagues, you must be a consistent hitter.

Some of the best players in the world are better hitters than fielders. You see that all across the MLB. We aren’t saying that fielding isn’t important. What we are saying is hitting is more important than fielding. Well, not in all cases!

batting in baseball

If you want to improve your play at the plate, we have gathered a list of 5 things you need to focus on. Taking information from the best baseball blog is something we want to share with you. If you devote your time and energy into these 5 tips, you will be on your way to consistent hitting.

1. Stance

That’s right. We went right into the fundamentals with this one. You can’t do anything before having the proper stance.

What do we mean by stance?

Well, almost every baseball player out there has a different stance and style at the plate. However, they all get into the same position before unloading their swing and hitting the ball.

You should have weight loaded on the inside portion of your back leg, ready to explode off like a cannon. That is what we like to call a power position. Your feet shouldn’t be too far apart. Be comfortable, but powerful.

2. Swing

Proper mechanics when swinging is something you need to understand at an early age. How can you self correct yourself if you don’t know the fundamentals? One thing you should know about the swing is you need to hit down on the ball. You should also try to get full extension with your arms. And most importantly, get the barrel of the bat on the ball.

baseball swing

3. Grip

Going back to the archives on this one – the grip. Back to the basics! Your grip needs to be strong and you should feel in total control of your bat. You have to have fast enough hands to fight off the inside fast ball when you have 2 strikes in the count.

There are two common grips you can choose from. One is the baseball grip. The other is the interlocked grip. Both have their pros and cons, but you need to go out there and test them out. See which ones you like best, then perfect it. Stay consistent with it.

4. Strength

In order to get yourself to the next level, you need to be strong. There isn’t a player in the MLB who doesn’t have strength. All are world class athletes that are strong men. Get in the weight room. Do some extra squats. Be explosive. Work on your strength and commit to lifting heavy weights.

5. Approach

This is the last step in the process. Once you learn all the fundamentals, you should now focus on your mental approach when stepping into the batters box.

What is your plan?

Have a plan. That is the best advice we can give. What is your favorite pitch to hit? What is your least favorite to hit?

Do you like the ball on the outside portion of the plate? How about the inside?

When you start answering these questions for yourself, you will start to develop a liking of each pitch. Choose your favorite pitch in the perfect spot and just look for that pitch until you have 2 strikes on you.

Commit to Improving

Stick to a plan and have faith that you can get better. Baseball isn’t easy, and if it were everyone would be doing it. You should sit down and map out what your goals are and how to get them.